Predestination, Salvation and Scientism

Musings on Predestination

Predestination is the assurance that God is in total control of redemptive history. He has known the inward man and has already chosen to draw and call those who He has chosen to love before the foundations of the world. God's choosing does not acquit men of their responsibility, the gospel is a command to flee to the cross of Christ. God has chosen by special providence to save some and pass over others. All men receive either mercy or justice but no man receives injustice. Because God has predestinated me, I am assured that He will call me and by His Spirit will persevere with me in a way that will keep me in His grace, not by any work or merit of my own but by the free grace of God.

The Basis for Salvation

For the vast majority of 21st century American Evangelicals, Salvation is 99% God and 1% man. God has made a way for all to be saved but man must reach and grab for that life preserver of salvation. God has done a great deal for our salvation but the final arbiter of salvation is man. The Bible teaches (Romans 9, Ephesians 1, John 6, John 10) that salvation is monergistic. God has acted on time and history to save His elect people. The atonement of Christ on the Cross is definite. Not one drop of the saviors blood will be shed in vain. God acts on the heart of human beings to take out our heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh. He regenerates our heart by which we are given the gift of grace by faith. Salvation is 100% an act of God's free mercy and grace and is based on the council of His own will. Salvation is for the glory of God alone. Against Pantheism and Modern Scientism The Bible teaches most clearly the concept of mono-theism. There is one God. There are no others. There are no true false Gods for everything has been created by the one true God. God exists in a spirit and is triune. The distinctiveness of His attributes makes any notion of pantheism faulty by definition. God, in the act of creation, acted on time and space (which He also created). He is the starter of all things and He decreed to create Ex-Nihilo. Modern Science can only exist because God has established the principles of uniformity by which its methodology is formed. Without God we have no basis for induction and thus no basis for any real scientific enquiry. It is only by borrowing form the Christian Worldview that modern science can operate on its own principles.

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