Presuppositionalism applied to the Text

One of the primary tenets of Presuppositionalism is that there is no neutrality in thinking. No one enters into any aspect of reasoning as completely neutral. Observations about reality will always be colored by the rose colored glasses of worldview. Ones worldview is the lense by which one views reality. This fact can and should be applied to all areas of life. Everyone begins their thinking by adopting a set of worldviews prior to viewing anything. If this truth is accepted (to not accept it is logically untenable but that is a different subject altogether), then it would follow that those who are engaging in the exercise of textual criticism are not viewing their manuscript data from a neutral perspective. They are adopting a particular worldview by which to make their textual decisions. This worldview then colors the decisions which are made with the critical text which will impact the Bible which believers hold in their hand and read and study. It is because of this that it becomes imperative to pay attention to the worldview that those involved in textual criticism hold to. An atheist, agnostic, liberal evangelical or Roman Catholic will color the Scriptures with the textual decisions which they make based off of their respective worldview. If there is to be any changes to the text of Scripture by Textual Critics (assuming one holds to the idea that textual criticism is a valid endeavor, opinions vary), should not this be a function of the local church. The Church has to lay hands on a man in order to place him in the pulpit and the local church must send out missionaries. Why can this same logic not be applied to those wishing to do work with the text of Scripture? If the church were to have an authoritative function and the critics were accountable to a believing body, the church at large can have a greater check and balance to ensure textual critics operate with the logic of faith and hold them accountable to stay within the bounds of orthodox Christianity.

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