Reflections on our first season

I felt it was appropriate as the year closes to spend some time reflecting on how I have been edified by doing the show over the past year with my two closest friends. My own studies have been given more focus and variety . I have the notion to focus on particular subjects of study that I would consider my hobby horse. Having works chosen by other people grants me some variety which has caused me to "broaden my horizons" so to speak. It is important for a Theologian (and as Dr. Sproul has said "Everyone is a Theologian") to be well rounded. If all of Scripture is God breathed then all doctrine is worth while for study. I have been forced to expand my thinking in ways that I may not have if we had not done the podcast. I have also learned to study a book or subject more deeply. It is one thing to read a book and another thing altogether to spend 45-60 minutes discussing the finer points of a work and knowing that because this will be released publicly, and if you don't actually know what you're talking about, it will be painfully evident. I also appreciate the record which will be made to posterity. The internet allows that these episodes will likely be available to my children and my children's children. Myself and my cousins were wowed when we found out that my Grandfather had a radio program where he preached and taught Scripture. I hope that my children will be edified some day by this endeavor.

Lastly, I have cherished the time that I have spent with my friends. Brotherhood is all but lost on the modern man and I am thankful that I have been able to meet and fellowship with my closest friends at least once a month and talk through the finer points of theological subjects. Our time on this earth is short and Christian fellowship is but a preparation for what heaven has in store for us.

I look forward to another year of The Sanctified Mind Podcast!

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