The Sanctifying Effect of Studying Apologetics

By: Beau Bogus

It was around five years ago that I began to take seriously the need for me to be able to aptly defend the Christian faith. I began studying various apologetic resources, some classical, some evidential, and some presuppositional. I was quickly convinced to the Biblical fidelity of Presuppositional Apologetics and also impressed by its ability to render the unbelievers arguments completely useless.

I must admit that there were several times where I forgot about certain essentials of Apologetics such as, “Sanctifying Christ in my heart” and things like “gentleness”, “humility” and “respect”. It is very easy to be carried away by pride into a place where you see yourself as a lone warrior who is demolishing the enemy. However, this is not consistent with the message of Scripture. A Christian who is defending his faith should have a heart for the unbeliever and a desire to see them come to Christ. If that desire and that heart is not present, the Christian should not only stop arguing...he should repent of his sin. Studying Apologetics has helped to sanctify my reasoning by constantly acknowledging that the foundation for reason is Jesus Christ. It has helped me to live as though the Bible is my starting point and the point that I must walk by as a Christian for it is the rule of all faith and practice. It has helped me to see that God is sovereign over all things and that no one will ever be argued into the kingdom, it is a gift of God (Eph. 2:8-9).

This does not preclude the fact that God ordains means as well as ends and if the Lord sees fit, he might use human argumentation which is constantly married with a call to repentance (which all Apologetics should include) to bring an unbeliever to a place of humble submission before Christ.

Finally, Apologetics has had a confirming effect on my life as a Christian. Realizing that reasoning and evidence lies with the God of the Bible and seeing how easily the unbeliever is refuted by Biblical reasoning has significantly helped me through periods of doubt in my own life as a Christian and I hope that a Biblical study of Apologetics will do the same for others. Soli Deo Gloria

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